Management Presentations - short & connecting

Project reporting and management presentations - in the role as a leader, project manager, team leader or sales specialist you often need to present key messages. A lot depends on the result, but there´s often a lack of time for preparation.

Participants will learn to plan a powerful presentation and perform them creatively and skillfully by creating a bond and connection to the audience.


  • Communication generalities in presentations
    -        Iceberg Model
    -        BOND - how to create a connection to the audience
    -        Empathy in connecting 
    -        What do "they" want to hear? 
  • Content Management for presentations
    -        Preparation:   “How to prepare a memorable presentation”
    -        Ramp:            “How to have a powerful opening"
    -        Architecture:   “Triangel of content”
    -        Delivery:         “How can I transfer all at best”

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PRACTICE: “Short, strong and impressive opening"

  • Visualization techniques

PRACTICE: “Short presentations on management level”

  • Techniques
    -        “How to stick my point”
    -        Active language
    -        Speaking in metaphors
    -        Q&A .. when best?
  • State
    -        Body
    -        Appearance
    -        Voice
  • Basics of the Connecting language of Marshall Rosenberg
    -        High performance communication

PRACTICE: “High stake situations"

  • BOND - how to get connected with my audience in critical situations?
    -        “The first impression counts – the last remains”
    -        “How to find a perfect end”


Be able to perform presentations in English language.

Additional information

The training is based on the method of Peter Meyers "As we speak" and Dr. Marshall Rosenbergs respectful language.

Trainer: Dirk Brüggemeier

Training on request

Your targets

By the end of the training participants will be able to...

  • know about planning a speach or presentation
  • create effective and creative presentations
  • create a BOND to the audience


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    Management Presentations - short & connecting
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